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Creative Movement/Ballet classes are offered for students ages 3 and 4 years old.
What is Creative Movement?
Creative movement is a class that uses music and props to help children with three major areas of development:
1. Cognitive development... Teaches the child a concept through the exploration of
space and body awareness. We examine concepts such as up, down, high, over, under, through.
2. Introduction to music... Develops an awareness of the different tempos and expression of music. Music activities help improve attention span, increase memory and expand vocabulary.
3. Promotion of creativity and self expression... Explores challenges that have many possible responses, and the children are free to discover them without fear of failure. Exploring “shapes” and “make believe walks” are examples of problem solving activities.

3 yr old classes are 30 minutes in length with one class per week for 12 weeks.
4 yr old classes are 45 minutes in length with one class per week for 12 weeks.

3 yr old 12 week session $90 plus once a year registration fee $30
4 yr old 12 week session 100 plus once a year registration fee $30
Refunds are not given for classes missed. Schedule permitting, make up classes may be arranged with the teachers permission.
Dress requirements:
Students should wear leotards, tights and Ballet slippers.
Shoes required - Pink soft slippers
- It is recommended that students wear Revolution ballet shoes sold at the studio the beginning of the year. These Ballet slippers feature a stretch insert for growth and no strings to tie.
Placement Guidelines Because the study of dance is subjective, students are placed in classes according to ability levels. Although every effort will be made to place students in the program, McCann's School of Dance reserves the right to deny a registration request if no appropriate class is available.
Disability If possible, any students with a physical, mental or emotional disability will receive basic accommodations to enhance their chances for success in dance class. Prior to the start of classes, students with special needs must provide written documentation of relevant disabilities and specific requests for accommodations. Our goal is to provide the most educational and enjoyable experience for all of our students.
Parents may observe student progress during open houses held throughout the year. Parents may also observe inconspicuously from the hallway window. Please refrain from attracting your child’s attention during instruction as it tends to disrupt the class environment. It is also helpful to the instructors if the reception area remains relatively quiet. Your consideration will help us provide the best dance experience possible.