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Completely new Web Site coming soon. Please see Important Recital Information.

Recital Information


Donner Photographic, Inc. will be photographing our students this year on Saturday May 19 at the McCann Studio. NO Order Forms or Payment Needed upfront. Group pictures as well as individual pictures will be taken. You may arrange to have siblings taken together. PLEASE NOTE: Group pictures will be posted on our website when they are available and on display for purchase at the McCann Studio on Wednesday, June 6th.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind as we prepare for our big show!

Open House Dates

Classes held in studios A & C will have open house the week of May 7th . Classes held in studio B will have open house the week of May 14th . Students will be given reminders to bring home this week as a reminder for open house. Show packets will be distributed at open house.

Tech Rehearsal June 7th:

Dancers, please be on time. We can not wait for anyone running late. We have to stick to the schedule.
Rehearsal will begin at 5pm. Little kids do not need to be here this night. All advanced class will be Saturday.

  • Robyn- Mon 6:00 Jazz (5:00-5:10)
  • Robyn- Adult Tap (5:10-5:20)
  • Aimee- Tues 5:00 Jazz (5:20-5:30)
  • Aimee- Tues 6:00 Jazz (5:30- 5:40)
  • Sam- Thurs 6:00 Jazz (5:40-5:50)
  • Sam- Weds 6:00 Ballet (5:50-6:00)
  • Sam- Weds 7:00 (6:00-6:10)
  • Britteni- Mon 8:00 Tap (6:10-6:20)
  • Katie- Tues 8:00 Tap (6:20-6:30)
  • Katie- Tues 5:00 Tap (6:30-6:40)
  • Katie- Mon 7:00 HH (6:40-6:50)
  • Katie- Mon 6:00 HH (6:50-7:00)
  • Katie- Mon 5:00 HH (7:00-7:10)
  • Katie- Thurs 7:00 Jazz (7:10-7:20)
  • Katie- Thurs 6:00 Jazz (7:20-7:30)
  • Katie- Adult Jazz (7:30-7:40)

Dress Rehearsal June 8th

Please make sure that students bring all costumes, shoes, accessories to the theater. They should arrive in their FIRST COSTUME and go right to their dressing room. If they have a quick change, they need to prep for that on side stage. It is considered a quick change if they have less than three dances before their next dance.

Students should arrive to the theater at 5:00 and be ready for curtain at 5:30.

Make sure students do not leave any personal items at the theater overnight and that they clean up after themselves.

SHOW DAY! June 9th

Advanced classes will be running through their spacing in the morning.

  • Jess- Thurs 8:00 Ballet (9:00-9:10)
  • Jess- Tues 8:00 Ballet (9:10-9:20)
  • Jess- Lyrical number (9:20-9:30)
  • Sam- Thurs 5:00 HH- (9:30-9:40)
  • Katie - Tues 6:00 Tap (9:40-9:50)
  • Katie- Opener (9:50-10:00)
  • Aimee- Tues 7:00 Jazz (10:00-10:10)
  • Aimee- Production Number (all dancers) (10:10-10:20)

Teachers arrive at 4:30. Dancers arrive at 5:00. Show starts at 6:00.

Dressing room numbers and the parent helper list is coming soon!

5/29/2018 Makeup Classes and Rehearsal as Scheduled by Teachers (dates and times coming) Begin
6/6/2018 Makeup Classes and Rehearsal as Scheduled by Teachers (dates and times coming) End
6/6/2018 Photos on Display for Purchase – 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM @ The Studio
6/7/2018 NO GENERAL Rehearsal; Practice at Hershey Theater as Scheduled by Teachers.
6/9/2018 Dancers must be dressed and ready by 4:30 PM - DANCE RECITAL 5:30 PM Hershey Theatre
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