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Tuition Discounts

2018-2019 Rate Schedule and Policies

Class Duration Rate Session Period
30 min. Creative Movement Class $90.00 per 12 wks. (Payable in Advance)
1 hr. class/wk $48.00 per 4 wks.
1 hr. 30 min class/wk $60.00 per 4 wks.
2 hr. class/wk $70.00 per 4 wks.
2 hr. 30 min class/wk $82.00 per 4 wks.
3 hr. class/wk $94.00 per 4 wks.
3 hr. 30 min class/wk $106.00 addl. per 4 wks.
4 hr. class/wk $118.00 addl. per 4 wks.
4 hr. 30 min class/wk $130.00 addl. per 4 wks.
5 hr. class/wk $142.00 addl. per 4 wks.
5 hr. 30 min. class/wk $154.00 addl. per 4 wks.
6 hr. class/wk $166.00 addl. per 4 wks.

Tuition is based on class time. Family member’s class times per week will be combined to determine total family rate per session period. Tuition is capped at 6 hours per week.

Fees and Discounts

There is a non-refundable registration fee of only $20.00, which secures your child's place in the class of your choice. Registration fee for a family is $30.00.

Tuition Policies

Tuition is a flat rate based on a 4-week period and is due to be paid one month in advance at the beginning of each billing period. If a class is missed, no credit is given for the next month's tuition. There are no refunds, transfers, credits, or deductions for missed classes for any reason.


Payment should be made online through your McCann/ Studio Director Account. Reoccurring payments may be set up through your account. Credit Card information is stored securely with Vantiv, the merchant bank we use. Neither McCann’s nor Studio Director retain any credit card information on our servers. We will accept checks at the McCann Studio however, beginning Sept. 1, 2018, a $5.00 check processing fee will be assessed for each check received.

Tuition will be charged until the studio receives written notification of a dancer's withdrawal from class.

2018-2019 billing cycle
4/25/2019 Dancewear sale, stop by to stock up for summer camp
4/27/2019 10am production number rehearsal
4/27/2019 12:30pm family dance rehearsal
4/29/2019 Tickets on sale
5/6/2019 Final tuition payment due for 2018/2019 dance year
5/7/2019 Opener Rehearsal 5-7pm, dancers in the opener will not attend ballet class, class will still be held for those not in the opener
5/11/2019 Student Teacher party 1pm-3pm
5/14/2019 Spirit week (wear red, black, MSOD logowear)
5/16/2019 Last day of 6 seat limit for show tickets
5/16/2019 Miss Sam’s ballet classes will not meet for class, rescheduled for Saturday, May 25th
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