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Our newest hip hop class is for dancers of 5-7 years of age with no prior experience. It’s an intro level class that teaches kids the basics to hip hop such as counting music, rhythm, coordination, footwork, and choreography. Dancers engage in dance activities and games that are energetic and allow them to develop focus, strength, and confidence while having fun! This class will be helpful for students who are entering level 4 in the future. It’s a great way to get kids moving!

Dancers start in the center to work on isolation's of the body which then leads to stretching of the muscles. From there, dancers will work on basic movements in the center to help grow their understanding of the variety of hip hop styles. Dancers will go across the floor to work on technique and practice counting music. Later in the class, dancers will work on simple choreography and be involved in different games and activities to promote a low-pressure environment.

7/12/2021 Summer Day Camp!!!
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