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We have divided our ballet classes into seven levels each focusing on classical technique that is age appropriate for our dancers. All of our ballet classes are structured and planned ahead of time by our experienced teachers to make the most of the instructional time. Levels seven through four concentrate on teaching dancers the technical terms, correct body alignment, musicality, and more foundational ballet movements needed for later ballet instruction. Once our dancers enter level three through one, we expect them to have mastered the basis of ballet as we push them to build strength and learn more difficult movements. The top three levels not only focus on classical ballet but they also start to learn contemporary ballet. Contemporary ballet a style of dance that incorporates both ballet and modern into one. This is why it’s important that our dancers have a strong ballet background before entering these upper levels. Please note, levels one, two, and three have two ballet classes a week.

Level three classes start to do foot, ankle, and leg exercises that will prep them for pointe shoes. Pointe work will be considered at level two but only select dancers that are strong enough for pointe will receive their shoes. Dancers with a good pointe foundation will then be considered for level one which involves center pointe and also choreography for our recital. It is up to the instructor's discretion on which students are ready for level one. Again, ballet takes years to learn so we ask our dancers to be patient and work hard in order to achieve success.

At typical ballet class will begin with barre exercises that warm up all muscles of the body. There will be time for dancers to do center stretches to further warm up. The class will then participate in small jumps, turns, and combinations either in the center or across the floor. Later in the year and depending on the level, the instructor will use some class time to do choreography for our recital.

12/14/2020 Wear Pajamas to Class Week!
12/20/2020 Studio Closed for Winter Break. Enjoy your holiday! (through the 3rd)
1/9/2021 Saturday Production Rehearsals Begin
1/11/2021 Crazy Hair Week!
1/18/2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Day no regular dance classes!
1/18/2021 Ballet Master Class with Vicki
2/8/2021 Wear Red, Pink, and White Week!
2/8/2021 Pretzel Sandwich Fundraiser! (until the 18th)
2/20/2021 Contemporary Master Class with Keely
3/15/2021 Wear Green Week!
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